What Content Studio RTD Fields Are Available for Baseball? (Stat Crew)


  • What Content Studio Real Time Data (RTD) fields are available when using StatCrew Baseball?
  • What stats are available in Content Studio when using StatCrew Baseball?


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  1. The following real time data (RTD) inputs are available for StatCrew baseball in Content Studio:

    • Game In Progress: Baseball
      • The Game In Progress folder contains real time data fields that come from the All Sport 5000. Game-level stats, such as team names, runs, hits, errors, inning line score, balls, strikes, & outs, all can be found in this section.

    • Out-of-town Scores
      • The Out-of-Town scores folder contains RTD fields that are used when using SportsWire 4000 with the STATS driver. This feature is available as an add on for most systems. Contact technical support if interested in using Out of Town Scores from STATS.

    • Game Stats: StatCrew BA
      • The Game Stats - StatCrew folder contains the real time data fields that are being sent from StatCrew. This information contains both game and team level information, including team lineups and positions, basic home and guest pitcher information, and home and guest team hits.
      • For a list of the available game stats fields, visit the Stat Crew Baseball Product Specs Sheet, SL05580.
    • Pitch Speed
      • The pitch speed folder contains information on pitch speed and type, and is available to use if there is a speed-of-pitch All Sport connected to the system with a supported radar gun. Information such as MPH, KPH, and pitch type are found in this input folder.  
    • NOTE: Your system may have more or less options, depending on the configuration.

For more information on Requested Stats, watch the video below:



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