How to determine if analog backup audio is working properly.


  • How do I test for analog backup audio on standard SportSound systems.


  • 500HD, 1500HD, 2000HD
  • Analog audio


Note:  With digital audio functional, and the following steps NOT taken to test analog audio, the sound system may present false tests with the analog audio testing.  ENSURE ALL STEPS ARE FOLLOWED!!

  1. Play a source through the audio system from the mixer.
  2. Set the Analog Backup switch to OFF or DIGITAL Mode on the fiber conversion box.  This will allow digital audio to pass audible sound.
  3. Remove digital audio feed, by disconnecting the Ethernet connection between the analog/digital converter (EMOD/Biamp) to the network switch (media converter).  This should stop audible sound from passing.
    3-21-2016 8-50-14 AM.png
  4. Turn the Analog Backup switch to ON or ANALOG mode on the fiber conversion box. *System will still transmit digital audio if Ethernet cable (mentioned in step 3) is still connected.
    3-21-2016 9-02-27 AM.png
  5. If audio becomes audible then the analog system is functional, if not, the analog system is not functional.
  6. Reconnect Ethernet connection and set Analog Backup switch to OFF or DIGITAL Mode to resume normal operation

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