MLB StatCast Pitch Type List


  • What are the pitch types generated from MLB StatCast for Speed of Pitch?


  • MLB - StatCast - DataServer
  • Stat Cast Interface


See StatCast Interface Product Specifications

The following are the Pitch Types generated:

Pitch Types:

AB Automatic Ball

AS Automatic Strike

CH Changeup

CU Curveball

EP Eephus

FC Cutter

FF Four-Seam Fastball

FO Forkball

FS Splitter

FT Two-Seam Fastball (synonymous with SI)

GY Gyroball

IN Intentional Ball

KC Knuckle Curve

KN Knuckleball

NP No Pitch

PO Pitchout

SC Screwball

SI Sinker (synonymous with FT)

SL Slider

UN Unknown

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