All Sport 3000, team foul will not go past 1, increments bonus section if team fouls +1 pressed again


  • When trying to increment team fouls, All Sport 3000 console will not go past 1.
  • If "team fouls +1" is pressed again, it will automatically go to bonus.
  • All Sport 3000 does not prompt for "player" when incrementing fouls.


  • All Sport 3000


  • "Fouls update player" function is turned off.


  • To turn "Fouls update player" on, follow steps listed:
    1. Turn on All Sport 3000 console and enter basketball sport code.
    2. Once in basketball mode, hit the Alt/Clear button. The console will prompt for you to enter your alternate item.
    3. Push button "1" on the keypad.
    4. "Fouls update player? N" will be showing. Press "Enter."
    5. The next screen will ask you how many fouls you want for "1 on 1 bonus," this function is normally set to 7. Press "Enter."
    6. This screen will ask for "2 shot bonus." Value is normally at 10. Press "Enter"
    7. Press "Enter" once more to activate fouls function fully.

Additional Information

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