What are the supported file types for Media RTD


  • What are the supported file types for Media RTD?


  • Content Studio
  • Venus 7000, DMP-7000
  • V-Net, DMP-8000


  1. For Venus 7000: BMP, JPG, JPEG PNG, GIF, and TIF.
    • Files must be stored in the Bitmap subfolder of the V7000 folder.
  2. For DMP8000 (V-Net): VMPL, VMPF, AVI, BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG, MPG, MPEG, and SWF.
    • Files must be stored in the MediaRTD subfolder of the Content folder.
      Note: Files in the media RTD folder can only be stored one folder deep. Meaning you cannot have a folder within a MediaRTD folder or the files will not work.

Note: the file types are listed in their order of priority – if multiple files with the same name are in the MediaRTD folder, the DMP-8000 will use the file that is of the type listed first above (i.e. if the MediaRTD folder contained both Player Name.JPG and Player Name.AVI, it would insert Player Name.AVI into the content).

KB ID: DD2616673

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