How do I set up Stat Crew TAS for Basketball


  • How do I set up Stat Crew The Automated Scorebook (TAS) for Basketball?


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Note: Reference How to set up Stat Crew with the All Sport, DSTI, and Venus 7000, DD2167389 for more information on Stat Crew and DSTI setup.​​
  1. The Stat Crew TAS Basketball software automatically creates and updates a file named "c:\statcrew\" when users enter the GameTime Scoring screen and after recording each play.

Note: Below are some additional suggestions to keep in mind when using the software to send stats to a display:

    1. When setting up a roster, all single-digit jersey numbers must have a leading zero (EX: Player No. 2 is entered as "02").

    2. Player names must be entered as "lastname,firstname" with no space after the comma. 

Note: Refer to How to set up TasComms32 serial communication for Stat Crew, DD2557286 for setting up serial communication.

Note: The Basketball Stat Crew software makes a normal comfile file as well as a The .sb version is the scoreboard version. This file is made to the local Stat Crew folder, and at this time there doesn't seem to be an option to change the directory it saves to. The $OPTIONS file will let you save the stats version of the file over the network, and you can even change the file name to .sb but it won't be the scoreboard data.

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