Daktronics Releases IPTV2 Solution For Digital Media Networks

New solution improves user experience, centralizes essential IPTV functions

BROOKINGS, S.D. – Jan. 16, 2017 – Daktronics (NASDAQ-DAKT) of Brookings, South Dakota, is introducing its next generation of digital media network solutions, IPTV2. Currently available for digital media networks, this new solution features a re-invented console to centralize the essential functions of an IPTV network while providing an easier, improved user experience.

Because IPTV systems can distribute an endless variety of live digital media using widely available and cost-effective IT components, they have become mainstream and are used to connect with audiences at every stage of their journey to the stadium or arena. Venues can have a comprehensive end-to-end platform under a single control solution with Daktronics next generation IPTV2 solution to combine other digital signage, menu displays, video walls and LED solutions.

Daktronics has thus improved this offering to the next generation allowing venues to combine IPTV with other digital signage, digital menus, video walls and LED solutions for a comprehensive end-to-end platform under a single control solution.

"The new IPTV2 Console is engineered to provide our customers with an intuitive, reliable and flexible browser-based solution servicing a network as small as a few or as large as 1,000 or more displays," said Daktronics Digital Media Networks Product Manager Bill Hadsell. "It provides a user-friendly experience whether trying to control multiple display groups, execute bulk command functions to update statistics or sponsorships, or send out display control commands."

The new solution also features more in-depth diagnostics as well as built-in troubleshooting pinpoints, independent channel lineups for different events and instant visibility to multiple diagnostics of every end-point on the IPTV network.

Daktronics Digital Media Networks products help customers meet business objectives by providing solutions that help inform, entertain and persuade their customers in unique and compelling ways through digital media communications.