James Madison University (JMU) has partnered with Daktronics Creative Services since their football video display at Bridgeforth Stadium and Zane Showker Field was installed in 2011. In 2017, the Dukes looked to overhaul and improve their game-day presentation with a new look and layout - something to reflect the team’s national championship victory. The updates included moving from brick elements to a shiny, reflective style for their digital content, and they took this opportunity to refine a few workflow processes as well.



Daktronics Creative Services collaborated with JMU to determine a new look by providing content examples and graphic elements for consideration. The university selected a few options and elements they liked and relied on Daktronics to incorporate the school’s branding and expand the inventory to provide digital content to amplify specific game moments and situations. The Daktronics team’s intimate knowledge of the LED equipment at the venue and how content plays back on the displays made for a smooth process of updating to the school’s new content style. Daktronics on-site event producer helped expedite the entire process by quickly conveying JMU’s feedback during the production process while enabling more experimentation from Creative Services’ digital artists.

The new look and layout present a very professional look as well as a more efficient workflow for the production team. Today, the upper two thirds of the display can be maximized for the game’s biggest moments while still keeping fans informed and entertained during every event. The new content has helped to create a new and exciting game-day presentation for Dukes fans.

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