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Daktronics knows that every moment matters, not only in your day as a business owner, but also in your employees' days. We aim to help you define and improve every moment.

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Product Literature

Download product specifications and sales literature from the Document Index or view the Digital Display Solutions Product Catalog.

Sales Expo

September 13-15, 2017

Whether you're new to selling LED signage or a sign veteran, you'll return home from the Sales Expo with information and ideas to drive your sales.

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Testimonial Videos

You can use these videos to show your potential customers the benefits of investing in an LED display.




Falls Church2:32Falls ChurchHouses of worship find LED message displays irreplaceable for announcing worship times and informing their community about services offered. School hours, activity information, and event details are just a few potential applications for a message display.GP0|#0df73a1e-f7bb-4ae2-a2e4-d5f90effa644;L0|#00df73a1e-f7bb-4ae2-a2e4-d5f90effa644|Testimonials;GTSet|#b00afce0-dd3c-4a67-bb20-dab50a3dc30b
Stein Sign Display2:10Stein Sign DisplayDigital billboards are a multifunctional resource used for local business advertising, and can also show community appreciation through special messages such as public service announcements, Amber Alerts™, and severe weather warnings.GP0|#0df73a1e-f7bb-4ae2-a2e4-d5f90effa644;L0|#00df73a1e-f7bb-4ae2-a2e4-d5f90effa644|Testimonials;GTSet|#b00afce0-dd3c-4a67-bb20-dab50a3dc30b
Grand Falls Casino Resort1:54Grand Falls Casino ResortGrand Falls Casino never closes, and likewise keeps their extremely visible LED video display running 24/7. The LED display is critical for highlighting ongoing and upcoming events, activities, and promotions.GP0|#0df73a1e-f7bb-4ae2-a2e4-d5f90effa644;L0|#00df73a1e-f7bb-4ae2-a2e4-d5f90effa644|Testimonials;GTSet|#b00afce0-dd3c-4a67-bb20-dab50a3dc30b

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Looking for news and information exclusively for sign companies? The Sign Company News blog covers topics including hot niches, new LED products, sign code support, and free sales lit.

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LED Sign Legislation

Our Sign Code Legislation department is dedicated to developing codes agreeable to both LED sign owners and city officials.

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Technical Training

Experienced instructors provide hands-on training, with a step-by-step guide so you can correctly install, service, and maintain the products that you purchase from Daktronics.

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Linking to the Daktronics Website

Daktronics offers you the opportunity to leverage our website. Here are some ways to link to our website from yours:

Daktronics Homepage
Your customers will be able to access everything they need to know about our products and services. Posting only our link will save you the time and trouble of uploading information from our website to yours.

Photo Gallery

You and your customers can access 6,000+ photos that can be emailed or printed. Filter the gallery by city, state, postal code, display size, and/or application.

Video Gallery

We sell displays that show graphics and video. These clips show your customers the power of digital-the next best thing to an on-site demo.

Logo Use

You can also include text such as, "We sell and service Daktronics LED Displays" and our logo with your chosen link. Download our logo and read our conditions for its use in your business materials.

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