How to update a GTFS feed for DVS


  • How to update GTFS feed for DVS


  • Product Family: Transportation / Mass Transit
  • Product: DVS Data vision software
  • Components: GTFS feed URL
  • Control System: DVS


  1. Close DVS software.
  2. In services stop DVS and GTFS.
  3. Go to: C:\Program Files\Daktronics\DVS\GTFS\conf and open the gtfs file (not gtfs properties file) in notepad editor, or notepad ++
  4. Copy and paste the new URL provided by customer or engineering in its place.
  5. GTFS Update URL.jpg
  6. Set the time to be 2 minutes ahead of local time.                                                                       
  7. GTFS Notepad time.JPG
  8. Start DVS
  9. Start GTFS

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