Unable to update gas prices on a new installation, cable from radio card to driver is missing.

Potential Symptoms

  • Unable to change prices.
  • Decimal does not flash as part of the price updating process.
  • Cable is missing from Radio card to J16 on the driver.
  • 4 pin to 4 pin (line-to-line) cable is present from radio card to driver vs the correct 6pin to 6pin cable.


  • Product Family: Digit and Price Displays
  • Product: FL-3000, FL-4500, Gas Price
  • Component: Keyfob
  • Control System: FLR3-100 Remote Keyfob (Wireless Communication)


  • The cable between the radio card and the driver is incorrect or missing completely.


  • Install the correct 6pin to 6pin harness from the radio card to J-16 on the driver.

KB ID: DD4610803

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