Shot Clock Stops After Tapping Reset Shot Clock in All Sport Pro User Interface

Potential Symptoms

  • Basketball All Sport Pro shot clock time stops after tapping reset shot clock on the Windows or iPad user interface.


  • Product Family:  Sports
  • Product:  All Sport Pro
  • Component:
  • Control System:  All Sport Pro v19.12.3127.0 and lower


  • Software change.


  • Update All Sport Pro software to v20.1.803.0 or higher.
  • Best practice for game events is to use the remote start stop with double reset handheld to control the shot clocks.

For Temporary Operation

  • Using the Windows or iPad user interface before updating.
    • Tap the shot clock reset arrows button to pause the shot clock.
    • Move to the shot clock start button and wait till the appropriate condition occurs.
    • Then tap the shot clock play button to resume shot clock.

KB ID: DD4592836

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