All Sport Pro - Horn and hand time switches, won't work

Potential Symptoms

  • Tablet (I Pad) can control time and score – will not blow the horn, switches will not control the clocks. LCD/ DATA LED states are not normal.


  • Product Family: Scoreboards and Timing Systems
  • Product: All Sport Pro Tablet controlled virtual and fixed digit scoreboards
  • Component: All Sport Interface box (tablet stand)
  • Control System: All Sport 5000 embedded /IPad tablet with App.


  •   loss of network connectivity; loose connector(s), for the embedded Lantronix box inside the All Sport Pro Interface box.


  • Check: Network cable/connection from AS Interface box (the Tablet Stand courtside) to the Control rack.  Short tan cable into 5 port switch in Interface box.

  • Also:

    LCD read out on back (upper right corner) of the Interface box- it should end with the... "A----" showing rotating channel numbers, not dashes; the 'Data' LED on radio (left center of Interface back side) does not light or flicker to show G6 scoreboard radio communication to remote (radio) devices.

    Embedded Lantronix box has loose or disconnected 25 pin or 9 pin connections inside the Interface box.

    Solution: Remove 5 screws on back of interface box (corners and center – not the ones near the radio or lower right middle).  Pry clear plastic back out of the black plastic case carefully.

    Find loose connectors (9 pin and/or 25 pin) for the Lantronix box and reattach and secure with screws, or tywraps, etc.


KB ID: DD4582654

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