How to copy a team, league or show between two SportApp machines

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  • How do I copy a team, league or show between two SportApp machines?


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: SportApp, Live Book
  • Component: 
  • Control System: AJT Systems a Division of Daktronics


  1. Use database diagrams to figure out what tables relate to your target data. 
    1. Click on the database plus icon to expand it. Right click on database diagrams and choose new database diagram
    2. Drag select to add everything. Click in the background and press close when the dialog pops up.
    3. Drag the base slider to the right to see the page layout. Verify that pages relate to shows, but nothing else
  2. To export the data right click on the database -> tasks -> generate scripts

    1. Click next on the wizard overview then select “Select specific database options” 
    2. Check the page/show tables (because that is what we identified above as the tables required to copy a show). Click next
    3. Click advanced to change the script output to data only. By default it’s schema only, it doesn’t include the data needed.


    4. By default it will want to save the script to a file. Save the script to a new query window, verify the data is there, then save it. Click next 2x to generate the script.
  3. Save this script and copy it to the target machine.  Script example is below:

  4. Open the Management Studio to run the script.  
    1. If the database version is the same, then you can just run the script.
    2. Errors will appear when trying to insert data that already exists, disregard them.
    3. If the target database version is different, then you need to comment out the USE statement at the top of the file, and select the target database in the drop down. T

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