VFC not taking new IP

Potential Symptoms

  • VFC not taking new IP


  • Product Family: Transportation
  • Product:  VFC (Vanguard Field Controller)
  • Component:  VFC
  • Control System:  VFC


  • Operating failing to continue specifying DNS information after entering IP, subnet, and gateway information.  The DNS menu looks very similar to the IP information so it appears you're starting over.
  • Capture 1.PNG


  • After entering IP, subnet mask, and gateway, continue entering Static DNS information.  If no DNS is used, just enter
  • After entering all DNS information (preferred, alternate, domain) then this screen will display on VFC LCD:  Capture 2.PNG
  • Go back to Ethernet/Status and verify IP configuration is updated. 
  • Capture 3.PNGCapture 4.PNG
  • Also reference How to change the IP address on a VFC.

KB ID: DD4295880

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