Unable to view server logs from client computer

Potential Symptoms

  • Server computer:
    • Open the Server Log Viewer.
    • Click the refresh button.
    • Log entries are visible.  
  • Client computer: 
    • Open Server Log Viewer.
    • Click the refresh button.
    • Log Query Error  ".
    • Log pops up and no log information.
  • Server Log viewer shows "An error occurred while running the query. Please check query clauses and try again"


  • Product Family: Transportation
  • Product: Vanguard
  • Component: Vanguard Professional
  • Control System: Professional software


  • The server and the client are not configured for the same time zone.


  • Adjusting the client to the same time zone (time, date, etc.) as the server.

KB ID: DD4292275

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