How to use reset 2 on a RC-100/RC-200 game/dog clock remote start/stop setup with All Sport 1600


  • How to do a double reset with RC-100 remote start/stop and All Sport 1600?
  • How to use reset 2 of RC-100 game clock/dog remote start/stop?
  • How to set and operate RC-100 game clock/dog remote start/stop for double reset?


  • Product Family: Sports Product
  • Product:
  • Components:
  • Control System: All Sport 1600, RC-100 game clock/dog remote start/stop 0A-1110-0106, RC-100 System Riser DWG-319037, RC-200 GAME CLK/DOG REMOTE START/STOP 0A-1110-0074, RC-200 System Riser DWG-03660093


  1. Enter code 98 on the RC-100/RC-200.
  2. This is the remote start/stop code and only has enough outputs to do start/stop and reset.
  3. If an end user wants 2 resets, it can be accomplished by setting the AS-1600 to have the play clock reset on stop.  This will allow them to get reset 1 when they stop the clock, and then the reset key will do reset 
    1.  Use code 05 on the AS-1600 with the Shot/Play Clock insert (LL-2501).
    2.  Push "SET RESET 1"
      1.  Enter the time desired for reset 1.
      2. Select Yes for reset on stop.
    3. Push "SET RESET 2"
      1. Enter time desired for reset 2.
  4. Selecting STOP on the RC-100 resets to reset 1.
  5. Selecting RESET on the RC-100 resets to reset 2.

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