How do I show my SportApp template and scorebug on air at the same time?

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  • How do I show my SportApp template and scorebug on air at the same time?


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: Live Book GFX®,  SportApp
  • Component: template
  • Control System: AJT Systems a Division of Daktronics

This example uses a template from the baseball ESPN insert graphic 2015 package. This case addresses the need to show a template and the scorebug on air at the same time


  1. Launch Camino and load a file from the baseball insert graphic folder. 
    1. The folder is located at C:\ProgramData\AJT Systems\MAM\Baseball\Shows\ESPN Insert Graphics 2015\ShowInsertGraphics\Tombstones\9730 Livebook_change templates layer1.jpg
  2. When the template loads go to the property panel and view the general tab.
    Livebook_change templates layer2.jpg
  3. Click on the layer drop down and choose a new layer for the template. Choose foreground 2 for the new layer.
    Livebook_change templates layer3.jpg
  4. Save the template and add it to the Baseball SportApp via the insert editor. 
    1. If a show isn’t created, make one by selecting + New Show and navigate to the ESPN insert graphic 2015 folder for the Directory. 
      Livebook_change templates layer4.jpg
    2. To create a new page, click on + New Page to the right of the default show drop down. Point to the directory that contains the insert graphic templates.
      Livebook_change templates layer5.jpg
  5.  When the template is loaded in the insert editor, the layer shows as FG2 instead of FG.
    Livebook_change templates layer6.jpg


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