How do I configure the statistics plugin in Basketball SportApp

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  • How do I configure the statistics plugin in Basketball SportApp


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: Live Book GFX®, Basketball SportApp
  • Component: 
  • Control System: AJT Systems a Division of Daktronics


  1. Within the Basketball SportApp™, select the “Plug-ins” button:
  2. Which will bring up the dialog below:
  3. Select the gear icon for the “Stat Crew Basketball” Plugin, and fill out the form below with the information needed to set up this FTP connection:
    • On/Off: Toggle “On” to make plug-in active once you have filled in all of the information on this form
    • Instance Name: Stat Crew Basketball
    • Name: Stat Crew Basketball
    • Server Type: FTP
    • Server Name: Enter Server Name or IP of system with StatCrew files
    • Path: Enter in folder path to where StatCrew files are located on that system (Note: If files are located in the root, then you can leave field blank)
    • User Name: Enter in the user name for the system you are connecting to
    • Password: Enter in the password for the system you are connecting to
    • Plugin Mode: Select “Live” for a live stat crew feed. Select “Replay” if you will not have a live StatCrew feed, and all of the files are already sitting in the system/folder specified.
    • Replay Interval: (Note: Only applicable if Plugin Mode is set to “Replay”.) This interval dictates how often the Basketball SportApp™ reads the StatCrew files sitting in the system/folder specified.
  4. Once you enter this information and select “On”, the Stats Feed Status Information on the UI should indicate whether or not you have a successful connection:
    • Stats Feed: “Stat Crew”
    • Status: “Data OK” if credentials for server and files are accurately connected.
    • Last: Indicates when the last StatCrew File was read.
  5. Once the StatCrew connection has been made, you will see the Player and Team Stats information show up on the “Stats” Tab UI as the data comes in live. You can now build Player and Team Stats using this information.
  6. As with all SportApp™ graphics, these stats graphics can be previewed before sent to air, or sent directly to air using the “Show” button.
  7. Use the “Refresh” button before taking a prebuilt stat to air to assure you are broadcasting with the latest data.
  8. You can also access these prebuilt stats on the main “Scorebug” UI Tab in the “Stats” Section between Header Message and Go-To-Break.

KB ID: DD4250798

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