How to configure my All Sport Pro to display volleyball player stats?


  • How to configure my All Sport Pro to display volleyball player stats?


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The All Sport Pro can capture/display 2 different player stats.  For volleyball, the default is to display player aces and player kills.  Follow the steps below to show something different.  Options are Aces, Assists, Blocks, Digs and Kills. 


Create a custom rules profile: 

  1. Log in and open the All Sport Pro application. 
    1. Double-click the All Sport Pro desktop icon to open the application in your default web browser.
    2. Enter your Username and Password, and then click Login. The default Username is “admin” and the default Password is “pa$$word”. 
  2. Select the  icon in the top left corner and pick Rules from the slide out.  
  3. Check an existing profile that matches the sport and level that you will be scoring for.Volleyball Rules Profile.png
  4. Verify the game settings.
    1. If a change is needed: 
    2. Click on the Copy button to make a clone.
    3. Name your clone appropriately.  For example: High School- Digs and Kills.
    4. Select Stats
      1. Pick tracked stat 1 from the drop down.  (options are Aces, Assists, Blocks, Digs, Kills)
      2. Pick tracked stat 2 from the drop down.  (options are Aces, Assists, Blocks, Digs, Kills)
        All Sport Pro_volleyball stats rules.gif
    5. Make any other edits to Sets & Clocks, Timouts, or Horn.  
    6. Save. 

Create a home team and guest team roster for the game

Open a game with the rule profile:  
  1. Select the  icon in the top left corner and pick Games from the slide out.  
  2. Click Add New
  3. Choose Volleyball.
  4. Choose the applicable rule profile.
     All Sport Rules File for Game.png
  5. Choose the desired scoreboard and click Create
Track player stats during the game

The In-Game interface of the All Sport Pro will show buttons for the 2 player stats selected in the profile.  The example below shows Dig and Kills.  
All Sport Rules File In Game2.png
  1. Click on the player stats buttons. 
  2. A slide out will show the list of players that are in-game.
  3. Click on the player number to assign that stat to that player.  
    All Sport Rules File In Game3.png
Alternately, stats can be edited by selecting the values in the roster.  

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