How to Set up GPO (General Purpose Output) in a VFC controller


  • How to setup GPO in a VFC controller and Vanguard Professional software


  • Product Family:  Transportation
  • Product:  VFC-controlled displays
  • Components: VFC, Vanguard Professional Software, DC I/O Panel
  • Control System: VFC, Vanguard Professional Software


  1. Configure GPO in VFC
    1. Login to VFC Sign 1
    2. Select Configuration
    3. Select Peripheral
    4. Select Add
    5. Select Advanced Setup
    6. Select Add Gpo
    7. Select VIP 1
    8.  Select Control Pin (reference Contract-related configuration documentation) then press Enter
    9. Press Cancel until you get to Peripheral Configuration menu, then select View
    10. Verify the General Purpose Output(s) are reporting
  2. Create associated messages in Vanguard Professional software
    1. Login to Vanguard Professional software
    2. From Tools tab, select Content Studio
    3. Create message (or edit existing message associated with GPO)
    4. Click on General Purpose Outputs in upper right corner and select appropriate output from the drop-down options. 
    5. Capture.PNG
    6. First message use output 1
    7. Second message use output 2
    8. GPO.png
    9. Save changes to the message and then save message in appropriate message slot on VFC controller.

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