How to enable application logging


  • How do I enable application logging on DVS controlled display?


  • Product Family: Transportation
  • Product: AF-6710 display
  • Control System: DVS embedded or server software


  1. Power cycle the display first.
  2. Disable write filter:
    1. DD3214897 How to change the IP on Windows 7 OS for an AF-6710, LS-1000 and LX-1000 display.
    2. DD3743568 How to turn off write filter for Windows 10 OS for an AF-6710 and LS-1000 display.
  3. Navigate to .\services\ file and set the logs.logToConsole field to false.  e.g. "logs.logToConsole=false"
  4. Enable write filter per one of the articles linked in step 2 and restart the display.

KB ID: DD4230986

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