DXTR RSS feed showing incorrect data on display; incorrect source item

Potential Symptoms

  • Data field on display showing incorrectly or blank while using DXTR to pull an RSS feed.
  • Data monitor shows data through DXTR output port but does not have anything related to data needed.
    • Example instead of showing "105" for a lottery, it shows "upcoming jack".


  • Product Family: Control System, Data Display, Video
  • Product:
  • Component: DXTR
  • Control System: Show control, Venus Control Suite


  • DXTR mapping set up incorrectly or RSS source changed feed set up.
  • Item numbers in mapping do not match source.


  • Open source webpage in a browser, right click on the page and click "view page source".
  • Each data feed will have an "<item>" near it.
  • Counting from the top is the number that will need to be matched in DXTR map.

dxtr items.png

KB ID: DD4228395

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