How do I add a team roster to SportApps?

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  • How do I add a team roster to SportApps?


  • Product Family: Sport Software and Controllers
  • Product: NBA basketball
  • Component: 
  • Control System: LIVEBOOK


  1. Click on the settings icon from the main menu to load the settings dialog. 
    1. Click on the visitor or home team button.
      team roster1.png
  2. The edit roster dialog appears with a tab for the visitor and home team.
    team roster2.png
  3. Click the import button to load a team roster. 
    1. Browse to the location of the roster file. 
    2. It can be either an xls, xlsx, or .csv file. 
    3. Press open to import the file.
      team roster3.png
      Note: See the “ExampleRoster” files in the C>ProgramData>AJTSystems>Sport Specific SportApp Folder for an example of the format of these files.
  4. The roster dialog is filled out with the player’s jersey number, position, full name, college attended, and home town. 
    1. Press save to accept the change.
      team roster4.png

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