No Video into DMP-8000 using Decklink Mini; faulty HDMI cable

Potential Symptoms

  • No video into DMP-8000 using Decklink Mini
  • No errors in Display Studio
  • Able to play static and animated content from DMP-8000 Content folder
  • Decklink Mini is showing under Devices in Black Magic Media Express and set to correct format/resolution


  • Product Family:  Control System; Video
  • Product:  Standard Video
  • Component:  Decklink Mini
  • Control System:  Display Studio


  • Faulty HDMI cable between camera and Black Magic HDMI-SDI converter (VCV#1)


  • Replaced faulty HDMI cable with known working cable.  Test live camera/video feed and verify issue resolved.

KB ID: DD4205341

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