VFC controlled sign blank, sign resolution incorrect

Potential Symptoms

  • Sign is blank, will not play content or test patterns.
  • Modules show 1 on 7 segment indicator.
  • VIP test patterns work but DMP generated ones do not.
  • Module address test pattern works but alphabet does not.


  • Product Family: Transportation
  • Product: VF-2XXX, VF-24XX, VM-1020, VC6
  • Component: VFC
  • Control System:


  • Display resolution or sign dimensions incorrect.


  • VFC controlled signs must be set to 1280x720 for both resolution and sign size in the DMP.
  • DMP-5050 signs will be 1280x720 for resolution and then the sign size will be the dimensions of the sign. 

KB ID: DD4193191

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