How does the Silks data feed work?


  • How do I use the Silks data feed?
  • How does the TabTouch Api (Silks) section of the ExpertInfo data feed work?


  • Product Family: Sports Software and Interfaces
  • Product: Horse Racing Interface
  • Components: TabTouch Api (Silks), ExpertInfo Horse Racing Interface
  • Control System: Show Control


The Silks data feed provides images that can be used as Media RTD in Content Studio. Specific jersey colors show the ownership of the horse or dog that is racing. These images are 500x500 PNG files. This is an example of a Silks image:

Jersey example.png

An owner can have more than one horse racing in any given race so the same silk can be worn by multiple jockeys in the same race.

  1. Data Server pulls the information from the cloud and saves it to the local Program Data directory - C:\ProgramData\Daktronics\Data Server\TAB\Silks
  2. SyncBack copies the data to the DMP-8000s.
  3. Enable Silks in the ExpertInfo interface and configure it.
    Silks configuration.tif
  4.  Set the configuration to pull the Silks information every 30 minutes or every 60 minutes.

  5. Make sure that Data Server is running at least an hour prior to showing the first RTD content.

Note: The local program directory contains subdirectories with 'Race Type'\'Venue Name'\'Race Number'\'Runner Number'.png

These are all RTD fields:

  • Race Type - Gallops, Trots, Greyhounds 
  • Venue Name - there are several, e.g. "Ascot"
  • Race Number - normally 1-12
  • Runner Number - normally 1-24

All of these RTD fields are in both the Pre Race Odds and Post Race Dividends RTD stream, so Silks can be used for any race at any venue for both pre- and post-race.

Use the Concatenate Fields option in Content Studio.

For example: \Gallops\ASCOT\1\12.png is the silk image for a thoroughbred meeting at Ascot Raceway, for Race 1 and Runner 12.

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