How to use pixel locator in Content Studio


  • How to use pixel locator in Content Studio


  • Product Family: Software; Show Control; Content Studio
  • Product: Content Studio
  • Components: Content Studio Pixel Locator
  • Control System: Show Control System


  1. Open Content Studio
  2. Open the project that will be created or altered
  3. Insert desired elements
    With Box.JPG
  4. Select element that you would like to locate the pixel location of. In the bottom right of Content Studio, the location of the selected element will be shown. This location is the top left pixel of that element's bounding box.
  5. If you would like to move the element to a specific location, double click the current pixel location in the bottom right

Manual entry.JPG

Enter the desired coordinates and select OK


Note: For additional alignment tools, reference: How do I align my elements in Content Studio DD4046622.

KB ID: DD4186428

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