Price sign blanking until power is cycled; Issue with driver

Potential Symptoms

  • Price sign keeps going blank after a few days but is resolved with a power cycle.
    • Issue is recurrent even after replacement of power supply.
  • When price panel is in locked up state, panel is blank, not even the decimal is lit.
    • DS4 LED (heartbeat) on affected driver is lit solid when locked up (normal behavior is DS4 should blink once per second when status is OK).


  • Product Family: Digit and Price Displays
  • Product: FL-3000
  • Component: Driver (0A-1611-0400)
  • Control System:  FLR3-100


  • Unknown issue with repeat driver lockup.


  • Replace driver with 0A-1611-0401.

For Temporary Operation

  • Cycle power.

KB ID: DD4174321

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