Visiconn controlled display is playing content not scheduled; Message in Default content

Potential Symptoms

  • Visiconn controlled display is playing content that is not scheduled.
  • When attempting to delete message from the media library it will not delete.
  • Player log is showing the message playing despite it not being scheduled.
  • When checking "In Use Status" of the message in the media library, it shows no playlists using the message.
  • When deleting the message from the content folder on the player, it instantly regenerates.


  • Product Family: Billboards, Message Displays
  • Product: DB-4200
  • Component: DMP-8000, VNET
  • Control System: Visiconn


  • Content is saved as default content as part of dynamic content.


  • Remove the content as replacement content for the dynamic content on the account.
    1. At the Visiconn home page, hover over the media tab and select Dynamic Content.
    2. Click on the dynamic content in question.
    3. Click edit.
    4. Make any changes to the content.
    5. Click Preview and Finalize.
    6. Under Show this replacement content, Select more appropriate content or select no content to play when the data feed is not available.
    7. Click Save.

KB ID: DD4170219

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