Can't adjust the gain on a TF1 mixer

Potential Symptoms

  • Can't adjust the input gain normally on a TF mixer
  • The A.Gain slider is greyed out on screen
  • The D.Gain control still functions
    TF No Gain Control.jpg


  • Product Family: Audio Systems
  • Product: SSR-300, Custom Rack
  • Component: TF1, TF3, TF5 Mixer
  • Control System:


  • Head amp control has been turned off in settings


  1.  Go into Settings (Gear Icon at top of screen)
    TF Settings Menu.jpg
  2.  Click on Slot Setup
  3.  Locate and click on the greyed out HA Control button
    1. DO NOT touch Quick Config.  Even toggling this setting can change Dante port configuration and will require reprogramming with Dante controller.
      TF HA Control off.jpg
    2. This will cause a warning prompt to come up.  Click Close
      TF HA Warning.jpg
    3. HA Control should now be lit up white
      TF HA Control on.jpg
    4. Close out and go back to the channel screen to see if Gain control now works, it should look like this, D.Gain should be 0 normally, and analog gain should be adjusted so the signal steadily lights up the center vertical bar:
      TF gain control.jpg

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