Display Studio Stuck on "Starting Scripting Service" Screen. Daktronics Services are Not Running

Potential Symptoms

  • Display Studio Stuck on "Starting Scripting Service" Splash Screen.
  • Unable to launch Show Control Display Studio


  • Product Family: Control System, Software
  • Product:
  • Component: Daktronics Services
  • Control System: Display Studio


  • Daktronics Services are not running.


  1. Use the following command cntr+alt+del to bring up Task Manager. 
  2. Click on Task Manager then click on Display Studio, end the task.
  3. Right click on My Computer or Computer and select Manage (you will need admin rights).
  4. Select Services.
  5. Ensure all Daktronics Services are running. Manually start the services that are not.
  6. Ensure AVG firewall is turned off.
  7. Restart Display Studio and make sure it boots up.

              NOTE: You need to end Display Studio in task manager>processes

KB ID: DD4149837

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