Cannot update time & temp, client blank; Protocol 4 plug incorrectly wired

Potential Symptoms

  • The incorrect time is showing on primary display, and it will not count normally.
  • Unable to change or update the display.
  • The client (secondary) display is blank.


  • Product Family: Digit and Price Displays
  • Product: DF-1010, DF-1011, DF-1012, Time and temp, DataTime
  • Component: MASC Driver Protocol Plug 4
  • Control System: DM-100


  • Protocol 4 plug is wired incorrectly as a Protocol 5.
    protocol 4 plug wires wrong_2019-02-22_13-21-38.png wrong protocol plug_2019-02-22_13-22-56.png


  • Order and install the Protocol 4 plug.
    • *Note to manufacturing or repair center to verify the correct wiring.

For Temporary Operation

  • The plug may be rewired to Protocol 4, the jumper should connect to pin 1 and pin 4 on the protocol plug. This may require a special tool (pin popper).

KB ID: DD4128734

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