How to update firmware on NovaStar sending cards or receiving cards?


  • How to update firmware on NovaStar sending cards or receiving cards?


  • Product Family: Sender Box
  • Product: Nova MCTRL300, Nova MCTRL 600, Nova, MCTRL 660, NovaStar VX4S
  • Components: NovaLCT-Mars
  • Control System: Gold family or NPP Control using transmit common/open protocol, includes but not limited to DVN-4003, J Series, U Series, Q Series​​


Caution: Updating firmware can cause compatibility issues between the sender card and the display hardware.  Only update from the advice of NovaStar Support.  

  1. Log into a the sender box as an administrator. See: How do I log into and install software for the NovaStar NovaLCT-Mars Sender Box?
    1. Run NovaLCT-Mars, move the cursor over the Advanced User Login (A) and click the button. 
    2. Login with the password “admin”
  2. To access the Load Program window, type “admin” on the blank.
  3. Choose right communication port→click Sending Card FPGA→click Refresh to finish firmware version check.
    load program.png
  4. Choose sending card FPGA or receiving card FPGA.
  5. Click Program path and choose right data. 
  6. Click update to finish update.
    program installing.png

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