Clear transparent shot clock and main clock digit segments flash off randomly; Poor connection in harness

Potential Symptoms

  • Shot clock and Main clock digit segments flash off randomly.  See example below.
  • Issue occurs most frequently first minute after turning on All Sport.
  • Example:


  • Product Family:  Sports Product
  • Product:  BB-2140, BB-2141
  • Component:  
  • Control System:  All Sport 5000


  • Signal pins in first plug (top digit unit) are squashed, causing high resistance scorching in plug and on pins and eventual signal loss.
    scorched ground pin segments flash edit.JPG
    pin scorching on other clock no signal at all edit.JPG
    scorched pin on digit edit.JPG
    pin issue edit.JPG


  • Try re-pinning bad pins in plug by pin-popping the pin out and clean off scorching if possible.  Bend pin back to reach proper pin height.
  • Or, contact Daktronics to order a replacement harness.  If shot clock's manufacturer date is prior to June 2017 will also need to order one (1) new main clock digit PCB and two (2) new shot clock digit PCBs.

KB ID: DD4084380

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