What Content Studio RTD Fields are Available for Soccer?


  • What content studio RTD fields are available when using the Soccer stats profile in content studio?
    What stats are available from the (insert soccer interface here) Interface?


  • Product Family: Show Control
  • Product: Content Studio
  • Components: RTD Fields, Soccer
  • Control System: DSTI and Show Control


  1. The following Real Time Data (RTD) inputs (stats) are available for Soccer (Dakstats) in Content Studio:
    • Game in Progress: Soccer
      • The Game in Progress folder comes from Real Time Data fields that come from the All Sport 5000. Game-level stats, such as clock time, team names, score, period, fouls. Also available for both Home and Guests: shots on goal, saves, corner kicks and penalties.
    • Out-of-town Scores
      • The Out-of-Town scores folder contains RTD fields that are used when using SportsWire 4000 with the STATS INC driver. This feature is available as an add on for most systems. Contact technical support if interested in using Out of Town Scores from STATS to see if they are available for your team.
    • Game Stats: DakStats SO
      • The Game Stats - DakStats SO folder contains the real time data fields that are being sent from DakStats Soccer. This information contains both game and team level information. This information includes both Home and Guest team information, score, shots, SOG, SOG%, assists, corner kicks, pk attempts, pk makes, pk misses, fouls, offsides, yellow cards, red cards, blocks, saves, goals against, goals against average, last 3 goal scorer's and assister's information as well as last 3 players to get a card.
      • For a complete listing of the game stats available from DakStats Soccer, visit the DakStats website to see a listing via the Guides and Literature Section - DakStats Soccer Software
    • Requested Stats: Dakstats Soccer
      • Requested stats provide player level game and season stat information. A requested stat is used to request the statistics of a certain player, on either team, at any given time.
      • For more information on using requested stats, visit How to Build a Requested Stats Button in Display Studio.

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