Internal Server Error: Unable to retrieve dimming managers

Potential Symptoms

  • Dimming buttons in show control do not have any effect.
  • Show control may have a yellow status indicator stating that the DI/VP-6000 is inactive.
  • The web interface for the DI/VP-6000 is showing "Internal Server Error: Unable to retrieve dimming managers" at the top of the page
  • Web UI may also show "Unable to retrieve inputs" and show fields as blank.
  • Content will still pass through to display.
  • Dependencies for the are all green



  • Product Family: Video Displays
  • Product: Video Processor
  • Component: DI/VP-6000
  • Control System: Show Control


  • Unknown


  • Reboot the DI/VP-6000 either from putty or from the web UI.
  • If unable to reboot (in game, etc.), dimming manager can be added in brightness settings.


KB ID: DD4078381

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