Transparent shot clocks freeze or act erratic; Loose internal harness

Potential Symptoms

  • Shot time may freeze and appear to catch up. i.e.: jump from 30 to 27 then keep counting.
  • Some or all digit segments may start lighting up as all 8's.
  • Some or all digit segments may go blank.
  • Random garbled segments may appear on some or all of the digits.
  • Vibration, or getting hit with a ball may cause the problem to present itself or make the issue worse.
  • Clocks on opposite side of court will not exhibit the same symptoms.
  • If the stanchion is equipped with two clocks, the other clock connected to the same driver enclosure will not exhibit the issue.


  • Product Family: Sports Products
  • Product: Shot Clocks
  • Component: BB-2140 and BB-2141
  • Control System: All Sport 5000 / 5100.


  • A loose wiring harness internal to the clock is causing the shift registers to receive improper data.
    BB-2140 WIRING HARNESS.jpg


  1. Refer to Which Clear Transparent Shot Clocks are Field Serviceable‚Äč?, DD2418903 to see if the clock you have is field serviceable. If so, disassemble per the work instructions in that DD. 
  2. After the laminate/digit stack has been removed from the clock, verify that all 4 edge connectors are properly seated into the digits and that no wires are loose or broken.
  3. Secure the edge connector to the hole of the digit PCB using a zip tie. Refer to image below.
  4. Re-assemble the clock and verify proper operation. If symptoms persist, send clock in for R&R.
    BB-2140 Harness tie.jpg

KB ID: DD4060312

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