NPN-4100 Modules Blank or are Pixelated when power cycled

stopsign.jpgThe steps outlined, if performed incorrectly, may result in equipment failure. Do not attempt these steps without proper training and understanding of product operation. Consult a Daktronics support technician if you need assistance.

Potential Symptoms

  • Module mostly blank with random pixels lit up
  • Modules usually clear up after power cycle


  • Product Family: Large Screen Video
  • Product: NPN-4100
  • Component: 1.9mm and 2.5mm Modules
  • Control System: DI-6000


  • Module Firmware issue; EPLD Rev 0X1261 and older, Micro Rev 0X1270 and older

NPN Pixelated Mod.jpg


  • Update display Firmware to revision 2018.8.24-9710958b or newer

For Temporary Operation

  • Power cycle individual modules to clear error

KB ID: DD4011601

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