Live Book stat grid shows data from the previous GLeague or WNBA game

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Potential Symptoms

  • Live BooSTAT EDITOR grid shows data from the previous GLeague or WNBA game


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: Live Book, SportApp
  • Components: Stat Grid for GLeague or WNBA
  • Control System: AJT Systems a Division of Daktronics


  • Game data did not reset 


Use the STATS EDITOR tab to view the stats in the grid, if the grid shows an old game, do the following: 

  1. Reset the game
    1. Click settings on the lower right of the UI.
      SportApps settings icon.png
    2. Click on the reset button and press yes to reset the game data.
      sportapps reset game.gif
    3. All data in the grid will be cleared and repopulated with data
  2. Delete the roster and re-import the players
    1. Click settings on the lower right of the UI.
    2. When the dialog comes up click on roster to view the visitor and home players.
    3. Click delete all when you’re on the visitor and home tabs to clear delete the players
    4. Hit save to clear the players from the list
    5. Click import, import from plugin to bring in the visiting team players. Go to the home tab and do the same. Once done press save and ok to keep the changes.
      sportapps importing a new roster.gif
  3. Verify that the NGSS plugin show the correct game id
    1. Click plug-ins on the lower right corner of the UI.
      sportapps plugin icon.png
    2. On the plugin manager click on the gear icon.
    3. The NGSS setting shows a game id and active game, they should match
      1. If the game id doesn’t match the active game, edit the game id so that it does
      2. Press ok to accept the change.
        sportapps plug in manager.gif
  4. The stat grid should now show the correct players and stat data.
    1. The roster should contain the same players that are in the grid
  5. Verify NBA GSS status.
    1. Data gets to the grid about 10 minutes before the game starts. Once data gets to the grid the status goes from bad data to “data ok.

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