How do I configure the SportApp?

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  • How do I configure the SportApp?      


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: Live Book SportApp
  • Component:  
  • Control System: AJT Systems a Division of Daktronics


Hardware Settings - See: "How do I physically connect components of the Live Book GFX®system?"

Once you make all necessary physical connections, you need to configure your system to ensure that devices communicate and function correctly. All of the settings that you need to make are found in the SportApp software that comes with your system.
Access the Settings Window
All of the settings for hardware and score bug configuration are made in the Settings window of the SportApp interface.

To start SportApp:

    1. Power on the laptop.
    2. From the desktop, double-click the appropriate desktop shortcut to open the application
    3. Only the SportApp versions purchased with your system are available to you.
To open the Settings window:
    1. From the Main Menu bar in the bottom right, choose Settings.
    2. The Settings dialog appears.
Configure Video Format, Reference, Keying and Timing
For Live Book GFX® to correctly process video input and output signals you must specify settings for:
    • Video format
    • Internal or downstream keying
    • Reference signal
    • Video timing
The correct settings for reference and keying depend on your I/O box connections and are based on your production workflow.
To select a video format:
  1. Open the Settings Dialog.
  2.  In the Video section of the Settings dialog, select the video format from the Format dropdown.
  3. After you specify the video format, you can use the Video Settings dialog to configure your system for your workflow and input/output connections:
    •  If your input/output connections are set up for downstream (switcher) keying with program access (for monitoring). See: "How to configure  Live Book for downstream switcher Keying with Program Access?"

    •  If your input/output connections are set up for downstream (switcher) keying without program access (no monitoring). See: "How to configure LiveBook downstream switcher Keying without Program Access?

    •  If your input/output connections are set up for internal keying. See:  "How to configure LiveBook for internal keying?"
Confirm Video Input and Set Vertical and Horizontal Delay
To avoid problems with your video input, you should confirm that your video format is correct and make adjustments if necessary to horizontal and vertical delay.
To confirm video format and adjust horizontal and vertical delay:
  1. If the Video Settings dialog is not already open, choose Settings from the Main Menu, in the Settings dialog, click the Settings button in the Video section.
  2. Look at the Board Info area to confirm the video format of your input connections. The video format selected in the Settings dialog should match the format shown here.
  3. To confirm that your system is properly connected to the I/O Box and to the reference signal for your intended workflow.
    1. See: "How to connect a Live Book system using key and fill IP with program access?"
    2. See: "How to connect a Live Book system using a downstream key without program access?"
    3. See: "How to connect a Live Book system using internal key?"
  4. Adjust the horizontal and vertical timing of the video input signal as needed using the sliders and edit controls:
    1. Click and drag the slider, as in the illustration here.
    2. Click the Up or Down arrows next to the Horizontal or Vertical Delay value field.
    3. Double-click in the Horizontal or Vertical Delay value field and type a new value.
  5. Click OK to save these settings and close the Video Setting dialog.
  6. Click OK to save your settings and exit the Settings dialog. Or, you may continue to choose other settings in this dialog and then click OK to save and exit.
Enable Scoreboard Connectivity
If your Live Book GFX®is connected to a scoreboard feed, you must select settings to enable this connection. See: "How do I enable scoreboard connectivity on a SportApp?"

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