How do I import a scorebug into a SportApp?

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  • How do I import a custom scorebug into an AJT SportApp?


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: SportApp
  • Component: Scorebug
  • Control System: LIVEBOOK


  1. Download the scorebug template from the AJT dashboard.
    1. The scorebug templates can be found on the (login required)
    2. The scorebug template files will be in a zip folder.
    3. Download the zip file to a location accessable on the LiveBook computer and unzip the folder.
      sportapps scorebug download.png
  2. Add the new scorebug to SportApps.
    1. In the SportsAps, click on the settings icon in the lower left of th UI.   
      SportApps settings icon.png
    2. Press the score bug import button.
    3. From the import template dialog click on the … button to browse to the location of the score bug. 
    4.  Select the template to import and press open to load it.
    5. The import template dialog is automatically filled in with the location of the template, the name of the template and the folder that contains its files. On template import the fonts are automatically installed. Press ok to continue.
      sportapps importing a template.gif
    6.  The style drop down is updated and shows the newly imported score bug.
      sportapps scorebug selection.png

KB ID: DD3989417

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