The SportApp closes on launch

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Potential Symptoms

  • The SportApp does launch 


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: Live Book SportApp
  • Component:  Downstream key diagram
  • Control System: AJT Systems a Division of Daktronics


  • Camino or another SportApp is running


Make sure Camino isn’t running.

  • If Camino is running close it and then launch the Sportapp.
  • To have both apps running at the same time open the Sportapp first and launch Camino after.

Is there another Sportapp running?

  • You cannot have more than one Sportapp running at the same time.

Verify that the dongle is plugged in.

  • The dongle has to be connected to the laptop or the Sportapp will not launch.

KB ID: DD3985872

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