How to connect an Live Book system using internal key?

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  • How to configure a Live Book GFX® system using internal key?


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: Live Book SportApp
  • Component:  Internal key wire diagram
  • Control System: AJT Systems a Division of Daktronics
With this configuration, you can monitor the Score Bug that is internally keyed over the input video from within the user interface.


First, reference: "How do I physically connect components of the Live Book GFX® system?"

To make input/output connections for internal keying to prepare for direct uplink of video with score bug:

  1. Connect the camera feed to Input 2.
  2. Connect Output 2 to Input 1 so that you can monitor the program output of the system.
  3. Connect Output 1 to an encoder or other device for uplink.
  4. Optionally, connect the top right Reference In connection to a reference signal (black burst or tri-level) generator.


In addition to these physical connections, connections must be configured via the SportApp software. 

See illustration below: 

wire_internal Key.jpg

Note that the switcher return path is optional, and it can also come from the IO box itself

  • SDI Input 1 is switcher return path
  • SDI Input 2 is Live in for internal key over
  • Connect SDI out 2 to Input 1 for a keyed confidence monitor over live when yu are in internal keying mode

Use SDI Input 1 for DVE or OCR

  • You should set SDI reference to Input 2 for internal keying
  • You should set SDI reference to Input 1 or internal for OCR/DVE 

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