How to update certain wireless mics and IEM devices to move them out of the 600MHz frequency band.


  • How to update certain wireless mics and IEM devices to move them out of the 600MHz frequency band to J50a L50a.


  • Product Family: Audio Systems
  • Product: Wireless Microphones and PSM IEM
  • Components: Shure Axient J5 or L3 Band, ULX-D J50 or L50 Band, QLX-D J50 or L50 Band, or PSM-1000 J8 or L8 Band
  • Control System:


stopsign.jpgThe steps outlined, if performed incorrectly, may result in equipment failure. Do not attempt these steps without proper training and understanding of product operation. Consult a Daktronics support technician if you need assistance.


Complete steps 1-3 while checking step 5

  1. Download and Install Shure Wireless Workbench from:
  2. Launch Wireless Workbench and select the network adapter that will be used to connect to the Shure wireless product
  3. A window may pop up if the Shure Update Utility is not installed, click the link and download and install the update utility
    shure update.PNG
  4. Close Wireless Workbench and the Update Utility if open.
  5. Set the computer to the IP range that matches the IP of the Shure device
    1. For QLX-D, hold enter and press menu once, release enter and press menu repeatedly until IP displays at the top left of the screen, this shows your IP range.
    2. For ULX-D, use the control wheel to navigate to DEVICE UTILITIES>NETWORK>SHURE CONTROL and see network settings
    3. For Axient, use the control wheel and buttons to navigate to NETWORK CONFIGURATION>SETUP and see network settings
    4. For PSM-1000, use the control wheel to navigate to UTIL>NETWORK>DEVICE>SETUP>MODE and see network settings
  6. Open wireless workbench, and select the network adapter if asked
  7. A window may pop up informing about the 600MHz band repurposing and giving access to the conversion tool, this can be closed for now.
  8. The Shure Update Utility will open and ask to check for updates, click Download and wait for the downloads to complete when an Installation Complete window shows and click Close
    check updates.PNG
  9. In Wireless Workbench, go to Tools>Shure Update Utility
  10. Make sure the checkboxes next to any devices connected is checked and click Send Updates... then wait for updates to complete
    Shure send updates.PNG
  11. Use the menus on the receivers to send the firmware update to the transmitters, see the manual for the receiver in question for instructions:
    1. QLX-D
    2. ULX-D
    3. Axient
    4. PSM-1000
  12. In Wireless Workbench, go to Help>U.S. 600MHz Conversion Tool.
  13. Verify the device attempting to be converted to a different frequency band meets the requirements listed:Shure conversion tool start.PNG
  14. Click the View Applicable Devices button
  15. For devices that can be converted, set all to Convert and click Apply
  16. Update the Transmitters following the Portable Devices procedure:
    Shure transmit update.PNG
    convert transmitter.PNG
    rec convert.jpg
  17. Click Next and view the conversion report. Follow the instructions to submit the report to Shure and have the labels shipped to site so they can be applied to the updated devices.

KB ID: DD3964653

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