How do I download games in GameDay Baseball for a doubleheader?


  • How do I download games in GameDay Baseball for a doubleheader?​


  • Product Family: Sport Software ​​
  • Product: GameDay Baseball, DakStats Baseball
  • Components:
  • Control System: Professional Baseball 


1. On the day of the doubleheader, click the Start button on the main application screen of GameDay Baseball. GameDay Baseball​ will check to see if there are any scheduled games that day for the configured team and season.

2. Allow the files to be downloaded. If two games are scheduled for that day, it will download both games. 

3. Open DakStats Baseball if it is not already open. 

4. Select the current Season, and new games will be available in the schedule.

​​​Note:  3 games would appear in the database on a doubleheader day.  The season super-game box score, plus 2 pbp games.​

5. Open the first Pbp (play-by-play) game and operate DakStats baseball as normal.  

6. When the game is over finish the first game and open the 2nd Pbp (play-by-play) game and enter rosters and stats as normal​.

​Note, the DSTI will combine stats from the 1st and 2nd games to display the accurate season stats.  

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