Pad times are faster that watch times

Potential Symptoms

  • When comparing times from the touchpads/buttons to times of the backup stopwatches from the timers, times are 0.3-0.4 seconds faster on the pads.


  • Product Family: Aquatics Timing
  • Product: 
  • Component: HS-200 Horn Start
  • Control System: OmniSport 2000​​


  • Banana plug on cable running from OmniSport to horn start is plugged into the incorrect port on horn start side.


  • Check to confirm the setting is correct in the OmniSport. It should be set to Normally Open (N.O.). Press MENU>4>2>1.
  • Plug banana plug into the START or DAKTRONICS N/O port on the horn start. Remember to plug in according to the diagram (ground pin/bump on black port) on both sides of the cable. (See Figure 1: Newer HS-200)
    Figure 1: Plug locations on  different HS-200 generations.

KB ID: DD3880807

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