What stats are available from MLB RTD to XML Value Pack?


  • What stats are available from MLB RTD to XML Value Pack? (Major League Baseball XML file delivery tool for 3rd party vendors)


  • Product Family: Sports Software and Controllers
  • Product: Data Server
  • Components: RTD to XML
  • Control System: Professional Baseball


  1. This converts the following ERTD streams to XML…
    1.       DakStats Baseball Scoreboard
    2.       DakStats Baseball Bullpen
    3.       DakStats Baseball Scorebook
    4.       Statcast Pitch and Hit
    5.       Statcast Player Metrics
    6.       StatVision Stats
    7.       StatVision Player Messages​
Each of these streams are configured in the MLB RTD to XML Value Pack tile in Data Studio.
To search for a data field, open the file below and search for keywords such as batter, pitcher, etc.  
Other considerations
  • Running clocks should not go through XML, that is where the TV feeds would continue to provide that integration.
  • The XML delivers streaming outputs, not any requested streams.
    • Requested streams at this time are considered proprietary to Daktronics solutions such as Display Studio​.​

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