How do I set the gain (input level) on a Yamaha 01V96 mixer?


  • How do I set the gain (input level) on a Yamaha 01V96 mixer?


  • Product Family: Audio Systems
  • Product: SSR-300 or Custom Rack
  • Components: Yamaha 01V96 Series Mixer
  • Control System:


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  1. Press the Layer 1-16 or Layer 17-32 button depending on what channel the gain is being set.
  2. Press the Home button under Fader Mode until the Channels 1-32 tab is selected at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Turn down the fader for the channel being set
  4. Locate the meter on screen for the channel
  5. Verify that the Meter mode is set on Level and Position is set to Pre EQ
    1. If these are not set to those values, use the large control knob and the ENTER button to select and change the values to Level and Pre EQ​​
      01v knob and arrows.png
  6. If the meter is showing high signal and the gain knob is turned all the way down, press the PAD button to reduce the signal level
  7. Adjust the gain knob until the signal level on screen for the channel being set shows around the -12 mark
    1. For media sources, play different files or tracks and/or different parts of files so that the gain isn't set too high because of a track with a low volume intro
  8. Bring the fader up to the desired volume level
  9. Repeat for any other channels that need to be set

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