DLink DUB-E100 driver installation fails; driver not compatible with Windows 10

Potential Symptoms

  • While installing D-Link DUB-E100 USB-Ethernet adapter there is an error and driver installation does not complete.
  • The D-Link EUB-E100 is not connected!  It must be connected to your computer in order to configure the network settings.  Plug in the adapter and click Retry or click Cancel to abort the installation.
  • D-Link adapter does not show up in network connections.
  • Unable to update the driver in device manager.
  • Adapter appears to be installed and configured correctly, but does not actually work.
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  • Product Family: Message displays
  • Product: Galaxy, Galaxy Pro, GP3, GP4
  • Component: USB-Ethernet adapter
  • Control System: Windows 10


  • Driver provided by Daktronics is not compatible with Windows 10.


  • Download and install driver version 1.04 from D-Link website.
  • Note - Currently the only D-Link that is compatible with Windows 10 is Rev. D.

For Temporary Operation

  •  Connect display directly to onboard NIC or connect to network.

KB ID: DD3838392

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